Photography Information Request Form

Thank you for your interest in working with us at CanWest/CanEast Games.

Our lead Photographer Mikey Stevenson will be controlling all the images for these events.  He requires information from you to do this.  (If you are using more than 1 body, please attach each serial number in the form below)

We will also require a list of the lenses you will have on hand.  This will help schedule you in the best locations for the events.

Additional requirements for shooting: This will all be reviewed each morning at our media meetings.  Morning meetings will be held 30mins prior to the start of the first event each day.  You must attend this to get your shirt for the day and be allowed to shoot for the day.

- Shoot in RAW
- Shoot in Neutral Picture format
- Sync cameras each morning (DATE/TIME)
- Must wear media shirts and lanyards to access the competition field 
- Must have minimum of 2 memory cards for each camera body you will be shooting with, if you have the option to use cards other than SD, please do so
- At the end of each shift please turn in your card so we can download the images (This will redused the time required to download the images at the end of the day)

Please complete the form below


Once submitted
Please Email Mikey Stevenson 1 RAW image from each camera body