Mikey is a active climber, skier, mountaineer, and instructor. His interest in photography started when he was 14, while riding mountain bikes professionally. Over the years, the passion was never lost, but yet put on the back burner to start pursuing the trades. Mikey is now a ticketed Level 3 - Rope Access  Instructor as well a Boilermaker/Welder.  He is also pursuing to become a ACMG - Mountain Guide in the heart of the Canadian Rockies in his spare time.

Mikey picked up the camera again in Spring 2014, after an injury left him unable to climb.  Shortly after his injury, he picked up his full time position as a rope access instructor.  This meant traveling all over the country, sending a lot of time in hotels.  So instead of spending all his time in the hotel, this gave him something to pursue. 

Mikey started out with landscape/adventure photography, but since has worked his way into weddings, events, sports, and lifestyle portraiture.