Mikey is a active skier, mountaineer, and instructor. His interest in photography started when he was 14, while riding mountain bikes professionally. Over the years, the passion was never lost, but yet put on the back burner to start pursuing the trades.  Mikey is currently working full time as a IRATA Level 3 - Rope Access  Instructor all over Canada. 

After a number of years away from the camera, Mikey picked it up again, after an injury left him unable to climb.  Shortly after his injury, he took on his current position as a Canadian Wide Rope Access Instructor.  This give him plenty of time to work on his skills as a photographer in this growing market. 

Mikey started out with landscape photography first learning how to balance natural light, but since has worked his way into weddings, sports, and creative/lifestyle portraiture taking on the skills of flash photography.  Understanding these skills allows him to shoot at anytime of day, with great confidence. These skills also allow him to shoot both indoors and outdoors. 

2017, has been a great year for Mikey Stevenson after getting published in GRIPPED Magazine in February.  Than later being published in different issues of  FEMME Modern Magazine.